I Chiang Machinery Co., Ltd was established in 1989. The company specializes in producing special-purpose machines which can be used for drilling, tapping, boring, and milling. I Chiang also produces other special-purpose machines, including press it machines, testing machines, and automatic turning machines.

Besides, I Chiang supplies common components such like main spindle heads or several kinds slinders, too. Especially, I Chiang can produce special-purpose machines by request of the customer.

I Chiang is continuously researching and developing new technologies to produce energy-saving, continuously stable, and high precision machines and parts. I Chiang strives to provide its customers with the best production environment for the benefit of all parties.
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Add:No.181, Xintian Rd., Rende Shiang, Tainan County, Taiwan(R.O.C) TEL:886-6-2705989
FAX:886-6-2701130  E-mail : er2326@ms48.hinet.net       URL : http://www.ichiang.com.tw
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